Mini-Print Pack Giveaway Details!

$15 Print Packs have sold out! A handful of $5 packs remain.
By donating $5
Teach For Armenia’s Emergency Artsakh
, you’ll get a signed mini or small print pack!

Teach For Armenia’s Emergency Response Fund is
helping forcibly displaced students from Artsakh integrate into their new homes
and heal.

Teach For Armenia is a registered 501(c)(3) , so if you are US- based,
your contribution is tax deductible!

A $5 donation gets you a Mini Print Pack consisting of three
mini prints. Print packs will be sent randomly and contain a mix of prints from
any of my previous open and limited edition prints but each pack is guaranteed
to contain a mini print of “Esperanza”.

A $15 donation gets you a Smallish Print Pack consisting of at least one print
sized around 5x7 in.  

Unfortunately due to the cost of
international shipping donations are only reserved for U.S. residents. 

Are you ready to get your print pack? Follow the
steps below.

  • Donate!

    to Teach For Armenia using
    this link.

  • Let Me Know!

    Send me a screenshot of your donation and a
    mailing address using this
    google form

  • Receive!

    I'll send you your print pack via USPS.